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New York Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson presents the beloved Coulter family in a novel that's "romantic through and through" (Publishers Weekly). books phantom waltz librarydoc65 pdf this our library download file free pdf ebook. phantom waltz catherine anderson pdf download - phantom waltz catherine. Annie's Song by Catherine Anderson Phantom Waltz by Catherine Anderson Comanche Shelves: zp-scar-physical, za-wallflower-spinster, 3-pdf-romance, .

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Phantom Waltz (Coulter Family) [Catherine Anderson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times bestselling author Catherine. family full online do you really need this document of download phantom waltz pdf catherine anderson - phantom waltz by catherine anderson [ebook] phantom . parlor salon sheet music collection public domain (may be downloaded in full) phantom waltz: hesitation phantom waltz catherine anderson pdf download .

Phantom Waltz By: Catherine Anderson She returned to the living room, acutely conscious of the whining sound her chair made as it rolled over the polished hardwood floors. Once parked, she glanced at the case clock on the mantel. Six o'clock. An achy feeling filled her throat. She straightened her shoulders, listening as the pendulum ticked away the seconds. He was just late. If he wasn't coming, he would have called. And, hey

Bethany was in a racing accident with her horse Wink, and was paralized from the waist down when she was in her teens. So for the majority of her young life, she has been fighting for independance while being in a wheelchair. Bethany feels that her being in a wheelchair is too big for Ryan to deal with.

And Ryan is determined to show her that she can live a full life despite the fact that she's in a wheelchair. Ryan then campaigns to be her friend. All the while, he is attempting to seduce her into falling in love with him.

As he's fallen in love with her. Jake, Bethany's older brother he stars in book 3 , plays a big bro role in this story. So you get to know him a bit. But what the majority of the story is about is the relationship between Ryan and Bethany.

Ryan makes it his personal mission to win her over in any way that he can. He renovates his entire home and the outbuildings with wheelchair access ramps and bars on all the necessary places.

He even downloads Wink back from the person that bought him after the accident. Due to her injuries and the age that she had the accident, Bethany is a virgin.

As in any spinal cord accident, the sexual abilities of the person are a concern. Because of the circumstances, Bethany didn't have any interest in men until Ryan came along. So a chunk of the storyline is them learning what she can feel and what she can't. What's nice is that they blunder along the way.

Their sex life is not perfect. It causes some tears and some concern. Even some discussion with others that cause some interesting scenes. The details for the sex scenes are pretty open at first. Then as they start to figure things out, the details in the actual story get fewer and fewer. It's more of discussions between the two main characters. They have to come to some solutions to their problems and they have to talk about it.

Catherine Anderson does a tasteful job of making these parts of the story be real and truthful. She doesn't use crude words in her descriptions nor does she use really descriptive language. So Ryan does everything he can to make Bethany's life full and rich.

Phantom Waltz by Catherine Anderson

In addition, her reaction at the end of the book to a major crisis kind of frustrated me. I had thought by that time she had finally released her fears and reservations about their relationship and had accepted that she was not a burden to Ryan, so when she did an abrupt about face, it really took me by surprise.

Even though there was a part of me that understood that Bethany thought she was doing this for selfless reasons, one could definitely make a strong case that there can be a fine line between selfless and selfish, and it seemed to me that her decision was made more out of fear than love. I just really like stories in which love overcomes everything including fear, which eventually it did, but I would have preferred that it had taken a different path to get there. The book still had a happy ending though, and all's well that ends well, I suppose.

Ryan was an incredibly wonderful and dreamy hero who was completely accepting of Bethany's disability, always seeing the person and not just the wheelchair. He surprised her from the first day they met, and the surprises never seemed to end.

From there he completely wowed her into accepting his proposal by creating solutions to any and all arguments she might make against marriage and treating her like a princess. He was incredibly kind and patient with her always, but especially as they explored her fears and concerns over her possible sexual inadequacies due to her disability.

Ryan was very creative, using pure ingenuity to come up with all sorts of ideas and inventions to make Bethany's life easier and more fulfilling, and most of all restoring the freedom she had craved since her accident. Best of all he put his life on the line for her, which is something I couldn't imagine any woman being able to resist.

Readers get to visit with Rafe and Maggie and some of the secondary characters from Baby Love , the first book, and see where they are a couple of years later. We also get a good introduction to Bethany's brother, Jake, who becomes the hero of the third book, Sweet Nothings. Bethany's other four brothers are also mentioned and each of them gets their own book as well.

While there were a few things about Phantom Waltz that I thought could have been better, I still enjoyed it quite a bit. It was a sweet and gentle story full of truly romantic scenes. At this point, I have read and enjoyed enough of Ms. Anderson's books that she has definitely earned a place on my favorite authors list. Mar 18, Pickles marked it as on-hold-or-unfinished Shelves: Didn't really care for it from the beginning, which is sad because I loved the concept behind this book.

One of the worst parts for me was the dialogue.

Phantom Waltz

Personally, I thought it was awful. It felt forced and contrived, and sometimes the characters said things I could never imagine anyone I know in real life actually saying. It was published in the early s, but somehow it felt dated, as if maybe it Didn't really care for it from the beginning, which is sad because I loved the concept behind this book. Also, I thought the bar scene was ridiculous. I know Bethany wanted someone to talk to, but it seemed unlike her character to go into the nitty, gritty details of her brand new sex life in some seedy bar with a random co-worker she'd never really interacted with up to that point.

It seemed more plausible for her to try to discuss the issue with Maggie, Ryan's sister-in-law, or even Ryan's mother. Bottom line, I just couldn't get into and it was due back at the library yesterday so I'm just going to return it without finishing it.

View 1 comment. Jun 25, Addie H rated it liked it Shelves: Aug 02, Mandy rated it really liked it Shelves: May 28, Katie rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I am so confused after finishing Phantom Waltz how to rate it with stars. I liked it so much up to a situation close to the end when the heroine did something so stupid it opened my eyes to a point that pretty much ruined the book for me.

Bethany is a 26 year old woman who is in a wheelchair. When she was 18 she was severely injured in a riding accident that left her paraplegic. Ryan, the towns hottie bachelor takes one look at Bethany and realizes she is the one for him, despite the fact she is I am so confused after finishing Phantom Waltz how to rate it with stars. Ryan, the towns hottie bachelor takes one look at Bethany and realizes she is the one for him, despite the fact she is paralyzed from the waist down.

In the beginning, in my naiveness I guess, I absolutely loved these characters. Ryan was oh so swoonie sweet. A rich, handsome rancher who could have any woman he wants, falls for the woman in a wheelchair. And Bethany appeared to be a disabled woman who was desperately trying to be independent despite her physical limitations.

After a while I realized that the entire book was about the disabled woman in a wheelchair Bethany, not Bethany the woman who just happens to have a disability hopefully that makes sense. She was always "disabled" or "handicapped" first and then a woman second. This got to me after a while. At one point Ryan looked at Bethany and thought "my angel in a wheelchair". That pissed me off. Why couldn't she just be his plain ol' "angel"? Why did the author have to put her handicap once again as the center of his love?

The entire book, Ryan's view on Bethany, Bethany's view on herself was he loved her despite her being in a wheelchair. I didn't realize what was going on until Bethany leaves Ryan because she is scared he is going to get hurt protecting her, and in her "condition" he would constantly have to protect her. This was like an eye opener to me. Isn't that what love is about? Everyone who loves anyone wants to protect them from harm. It doesn't matter if the loved one is handicapped or fully physically capable.

This to me was just wrong. I don't look at him as "a person in a wheelchair". I understand Catherine Anderson had a burden to make the average romance reader who most likely doesn't know the hardships of dealing with such huge physical limits understand Bethany and Ryan's obstacles.

But in the same breath I feel that the heroine's disability in this instance just took too much of a center stage. I felt pity for Bethany. And just from having a personal relationship with someone in her situation I know that is the last thing most people who are disabled want us to feel for them.

We as readers are supposed to look at the characters as people first and to me Bethany was portrayed more as just a "wheelchair" instead of the person who was actually in that wheelchair. I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who overcome obstacles. Some people become who they are because of all they've overcome and they should be loved because of that.

Not in spite of it. I felt Ryan's love for Bethany was portrayed in spite of her disability not because she was a stronger person for it. May 31, Maggie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Romance lovers.

Phantom Waltz has taken its spot in my heart as one of my favorite romance of all time. Not only does it stray away from the normal romances, where the two lovers are healthy, as stated in Catherine Anderson's author's note it also goes deeper than that. Ryan and Bethany's love for each other is deeply pure and they are completly unselfish toward each other, even risking their own lives for each other.

I found Bethany's character extremely likable. What must it be like, I thought to myself as Phantom Waltz has taken its spot in my heart as one of my favorite romance of all time. What must it be like, I thought to myself as I read, to have a disability that most men tended to run from? She wouldn't have a normal life like others, and maybe not even a normal relationship. However, Fate came knocking at the door--in the form of cowboy Ryan Kendrick. I found him and Jake to be my favorite characters in the book.

Jake was the perfect older brother, and I loved the little threats he made to Ryan in the beginning, and then eventually excepting that this man was to marry his little sister. There were many events in the story--from Ryan's funny lines, to Jake's threats, to when Jake, Ryan, and Keefe all got arrested--that I enjoyed very much.

I also loved the chemistry between Bethany and Ryan, and how Ryan was playing the friendship card just to get closer to Bethany, and how Bethany kept convincing herself over and over and over again that she was imperfect for Ryan, but in reality, she was just what Ryan needed.

I keep thinking back to those two's love for each other, and I think to myself, it just doesn't get better than that. And then, Bethany and Ryan's love was tested toward the end where Ryan selflessly risked his life for Bethany when the bear attacked, and then Bethany did the same, sitting under the sun with Ryan, begging him to hold on. It brought tears to my eyes, thinking that Ryan may just die. Although I have to admit, when Ryan started tracking down the bleeding cattle, I thought it to be kind of But then I understood why it had to be in there: It was a test of Ryan and Bethany's love And then when Bethany left, it was again selfless of her.

She believed that Ryan would always get hurt protecting her. For a fleeting moment, I was deathly afraid that the two wouldn't get together. But then Ryan's dad got hurt protecting him which made Ryan figure out Bethany's intentions of leaving him. Good for you, Ryan, when you went back to get her. Catherine Anderson: I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Jan 12, Ian rated it really liked it. I quite enjoyed this book. It's the story of the relationship between a rancher and a paraplegic woman.

He falls in love with her almost on first sight but her unique problems make her wary, so Ryan the rancher sets about winning her over. He relentlessly pursues her, all the while modifying his home to suit a paraplegic woman. I don't really know all that much about paraplegia, but it's plain that the author has done her research Obviously it I quite enjoyed this book.

Obviously it's important that Catherine Anderson knows the subject she is writing about, but knowing something doesn't mean it should be put in the book.

I found the love scenes inordinately long and overly detailed, but for the most part this was both entertaining and enlightening.

Apr 07, L8blmr rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fans of author; others who love sweet, sexy romance. Another wonderful love story from Catherine Anderson.

I love westerns, historic or contemporary, and I love a romantic, tender, sensative, sweet, but tough, protective and sexy, Western hero! I especially love a great HEA, and even though I knew this bok would have one, it still made me cry over a very well-written crisis scene.

Anderson's books may be a bit predictable, but, hey, she does what she does VERY well.

[PDF]Phantom Waltz (Kendrick/Coulter/Harrigan) Book Free Download ( pages) | Blind Hypnosis

Sometimes a story of hers is exactly what I'm in the mood for, especially betwixt Another wonderful love story from Catherine Anderson. Sometimes a story of hers is exactly what I'm in the mood for, especially betwixt and between some of my "darker" reads.

Aug 02, Robinberryman Berryman rated it it was amazing. This was my first Catherine Anderson book. It hooked me. I now own all of her books and frequently re-read them. I did wonder if it would take away the romance or if I'd even be able to connect with the character. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I found that this aspect of the story didn't affect me in the slightest. However, I did have lots of other issues with this book. Mainly with the characters and the overall tone of the writing.

Looking at the cover, I had a 2. Looking at the cover, I had a feeling I wouldn't gel with it. I know we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but we all do.

Sometimes I'm totally wrong, but this time I was bang on the money. Anderson's writing and tone is slightly on the old fashioned side for me. It's meant to be a contemporary but the dialogue, especially from Bethany, had the feel of a book written forty years ago rather than In the pastures they passed, she saw oodles of cows with spring calves at their sides, which made her laugh with delight.

He goes after the tit like you would not believe. Made his mama all sore and then started shoving other calves aside to hog their milk. For nigh on a week, I had to keep him in a pen and feed him with a titty bucket. Ryan would never be able to have a child of his own with Bethany. How would he feel about that when he was fifty?

A lot of men wanted to sire their own offspring. Darling, titty, sire This is what I mean when I say the book had an old fashioned touch and unfortunately, it's written this way throughout, and although this style may be enjoyable to a lot of readers, it's just not for me unless I'm reading an historical romance. Our hero is cowboy Ryan Kendrick, who meets Bethany, our heroine, while she's working in her family's store. Ryan starts flirting a little, totally unaware she's in a wheelchair as she's sitting at a desk.

When he finds out he admits to himself he wants to run, but doesn't, instead he asks her out on a date. Bethany thinks he's joking and so tries to laugh it off to let him off the hook, but he doesn't bite. So on a date they go and thus starts their romance. I didn't mind the instant attraction, as they are both described as very easy on the eyes, but in just a day or so it accelerates to complete and utter undying love, for both Bethany and Ryan.

However, Bethany has no confidence at all and so thinks he's just acting this way because she's in a wheelchair and he's just trying to be nice.

I can understand this amount of sensitivity, especially when we learn what happened to her in the past, but her self deprecation did not stop.

It went on and on and on, until virtually the last page. One minute she was a complete mess, babbling and wondering why he'd want a woman in a wheelchair, the next she was lifting her chin in defiance at her family and Ryan.

In all honesty, Bethany gave me a headache. I liked Ryan, but I didn't find him sexy in the slightest. In fact he was portrayed as way too perfect for me. His body was muscular and perfect, his actions towards Bethany were perfect, he said all the right things in the perfect way, and even nearly died perfectly. It was just too much. He didn't seem to have one thing wrong with him. Maybe it's just personal taste, but I definitely prefer my heroes to be slightly flawed, and then see them grow throughout the book, to me Ryan was a little one dimensional.

After Bethany's date with Ryan, her brother Jake decides to have a huge talk with Ryan about his intentions. They then started to discuss Bethany's sex life, how she might not have any feeling or sensation down there in her lady parts, was he going to marry her, what about kids? I mean, really?

It's only been 24 hours for crying out loud. Plus, do men who hardly know each other really talk like that to each other? I doubt it. The other aspect I didn't like was after their first night together, Bethany realises she doesn't have much sensation down there after all. So weirdly decides to tell anyone who'll listen and ask advice. And then there's the old man Sly, Ryan's foreman, who mentions many times he "doesn't do tears" but was quite happy to talk to a young woman about sex?

Her sex life no less about his boss. It just didn't ring true to me. I realise there are open people out there but I can't even imagine Sly the foreman, who she'd met all of a couple of times, would be happy talking about such things. She [Bethany] drew the line at discussing the particulars of her love life with her brother. Ryan wouldn't be happy to hear her discussing their relationship with Jake [her brother] I'm sure Ryan would understand Bethany talking to her brother, but maybe not a woman she hardly knew or Sly his foreman!

Most of the dialogue between Ryan and Bethany was sickly sweet. And some of the descriptions of the sex scenes were either laugh-out-loud funny although they weren't meant to be or cringeworthy. Description used for the clitoris: Sadly Phantom Waltz wasn't my cup of tea.

Anderson's writing style is too old-fashioned for my taste for what is essentially classified as a contemporary romance, and the story was overly sweet to the point of being sickly.

I couldn't really get on board with how perfect the hero was made out to be or some of the selfish and stupid decisions made by the heroine, Bethany. The ending was rushed and Bethany acted in such a way that I just couldn't forgive her, in only a few pages she'd left him, came back, left him again, came back, blah blah, which cemented my dislike of her.

It was just ridiculous. Her excuses were lame and I'm surprised, after everything he'd done for her, Ryan didn't drop her like a stone. Jan 07, Emma rated it did not like it. This is one of the worst Catherine Anderson books I had the misfortune of reading.

Everything that plagues her style, mainly her penchant for unbelievably sugar-coated-and-then-dipped-in-honey heroes, is here magnified without any of the redeeming qualities of a gripping story as in her far superior 'Annie's Song' and 'Comanche Moon'.

The reader goes into an acute hyperglycaemia coma, with nothing to compensate for the boy scout hero. Poor Ryan Kendrick! Not only does he not escape the typical This is one of the worst Catherine Anderson books I had the misfortune of reading. The super-hunk millionaire takes one look at the heroine them big violet-blues wot did it and he immediately knows this is the woman he's been 'waiting for' all his life.

How does he know this? Why, she likes horses apparently, she's the only horse-lover this play-boy, sought after bachelor, who's been around the block a trillion times, has ever met in rural, ranch-land Oregon ,and something called a 'mud pull' too boring to describe what it is and, of course, hero and heroine also like the same song bless!

Who could possibly remain unmoved by this enormous and profound affinity! Never once does our boy scout voice any fears about the difficulties facing a couple, where one is a paraplegic that would be honest, and would interfere with the sugar-coat.

I forgot to mention that the main reason the hero sites, in justifying his resolve to marry the heroine, is that he 'feels lonely' -something that contradicts Anderson's earlier descriptions of him as a sought after play-boy, with this tightly-knit loving family living just a few minutes away from him.

So he thinks his life would be full of excitement and fulfilling intimacy, once he gets himself a person with a severe disability. The experience of families of people with severe disabilities is entirely the opposite of what the hero dreams of having but, hey, he's a multimillionaire he can afford to employ an army of carers , their experience is that of an almost non-existent social life, of hard work just to get things to a functioning level, emotional turmoil, depression.

Loving a person with special needs means accepting that and letting go of the fantasies of perfect intimacy one can only hope for a lovingly suffered distance. Another irritating point about all books of this kind is that you have these enormous families, with five, seven, eleven siblings and each one of them gets their own book, extending the formula ad infinitum.

I think publishers should put a stop to this and demand that heroes and heroines be only children from now on. For the record, I got so bored with this book that I did not finish it, I gave up even before Ryan got to persuade the heroine to experiment in the bedroom. Catherine Anderson First published: Crystal Falls, Oregon. Reasonably frequent. Multi-millionaire Ranch Owner.

Paraplegic computer programmer.

On the plus side, this is a lovely, pure romance with no outside protagonists or vague mysteries to spoil the getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Strong, independent heroine who knows her own mind and strives against all odds. Sexy and virgi Author: Sexy and virginal.

Protective hero, respectful and honourable.

Rich and handsome. On the other side, though, is this slightly creepy cringe factor where Ryan is struck by Love at first sight and so, for the next few weeks, spends thousands of dollars downloading equipment, paving the ranch, finding her horse, to make his ranch liveable for her without Bethany knowing. Maybe, if he only added a couple of ramps and some bars. But completely rebuilding the kitchen?!? Sounds creepy to me.

So overall a good, enjoyable story. An interesting discussion of the struggles of the disabled as well as the possibilities given the opportunities. But there are bits that make my eye squint. Author's website: Jan 07, Splage rated it really liked it Shelves: This was my first Catherine Anderson book and Wow, what a love story. Ryan Kendrick was so madly and truly in love with Bethany at first sight, he was her perfect knight in shining armor- and she needed one.

They were both so selfless that I don't know who loved each other more because they both sacrificed so much for one another. He was supposedly such a player and I wish the author would have spent sometime on Ryan before he fell for Bethany because by the way he acted towards her I didn't This was my first Catherine Anderson book and He was supposedly such a player and I wish the author would have spent sometime on Ryan before he fell for Bethany because by the way he acted towards her I didn't believe he was anything but perfect.

Ao ouvir este convite, ela sorri de forma triste e afasta a cadeira para que ele a veja na totalidade. Nov 20, Wendy rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Although this is one of the Coulter family series of novels that I love, it wasn't my favorite. The love story of Bethany and Ryan is sweet and poinient, but I found the topic of Bethanys hadicap a little uncomfortable.

While Bethany has so much to overcome, her handicap cannot be overcome. Maybe I found it too realistic. I like happily ever afters. Worth the read though. Mar 22, Filipa rated it really liked it Shelves: A autora ainda me conseguiu surpreender mais com este livro. Review completa aqui: View all 8 comments. Aug 08, Christine rated it liked it Shelves: I actually read this a few months ago, but wasn't sure how to rate it.

I'm still not. On the one hand, kudos to the author for having a wheelchair-bound heroine. It's a refreshing change to the same old story all the time. On the other hand We get the whole, "I've never felt this way with anyone before. How is this girl the right one for you? Because she lik I actually read this a few months ago, but wasn't sure how to rate it.

Because she likes horses? You live in a ranching community, I have trouble believing you really couldn't find a few horse-loving women. Because you both like the same country song playing on the radio? That sounds like a very immature high schooler's definition of love. Maybe junior high. Ryan's great for her -- no question. He's rich and he has no qualms whatsoever about throwing his money after Bethany's special needs.

He pours concrete paths around his ranch to make it wheelchair accessible, remodels his kitchen, refits his bathroom But why? And I'm not saying she's not a nice person because she is, but it was too fast, too hard, and just too How is she what he needs?

Okay, look, here's another thing. Ryan is 30 and has been around. Bethany is 26 and a virgin. Since she was crippled at 18, that makes sense. Why she hasn't even tried a solo flight to see if things are working down there So Ryan won't make a move with a virgin unless it's going to be forever. His father beat it in his head that you only have sex with girls who "know the score.

Your cherry gets punctured and all of a sudden you have no feelings anymore? And why does he get to have sex with every woman who'll say yes in an attempt to find the right one but she had better be pure as the driven snow? Don't get me wrong -- this is very, very common in romance novels. But there were just a few lines in the story, especially the ones about knowing the score, that really, really bugged me.

And here's why: He claims he's actively been looking for Ms. Right all this time, and that now he just knows this is the woman. He's tried many girls, but they never made him feel this way. Come on, who are you trying to kid here?

I guess it's one thing to be a self-serving rake whose heart gets melted by the right woman when no other could before which is still far-fetched and another to be a supposedly nice guy who somehow doesn't understand that most women DO get their emotions involved with sex, whether they've done it before or not. I suppose you could not be looking for Ms.

You could, for some reason, be bound and determined to remain single and so you never hook up with a girl in a real relationship, only prostitutes or something. But you can't have it both ways. If you're trying to find a woman you could marry, and you're sleeping with them along the way, you're leaving behind a trail of broken hearts.

There is no score to know here! I wonder if I needed to get that off my chest? It's not a bad book. If you already like Catherine Anderson, you may enjoy this.

She does have some better book, though, IMO. Jan 03, Dian Dinh rated it liked it Shelves: At first, I thought this one was a historical romance novel, so I bought it without thinking, finally it turned out to be a contemporary novel, but it's ok cuz I like to read that genre too.

And actually, I read the translated version of the book, not the original, so I don't know if that could change my feelings or not. This novel is good, in my opinion, it's not excellent but good enough.

The storyline is good, the characters are good. It didn't have those scenes where your heart almost Well! It didn't have those scenes where your heart almost jumped out of your chest, it didn't have those intense moments that took your breath away, but it was a beautiful love story.

PDF - Phantom Waltz

You can find romantic moments in there, you can find tears and smiles, you can have everything you need in this novel if you're a desperately romantic person But, it still has something not so real. Ya know, like, Ryan was supposed to be a tough guy, he supposed to flirt a round a lot before meeting Benathy, yes, a bad boy.

But I didn't feel that side of him. He appeared too soft, too gentle, too generous and too kind, it was nothing like he had changed after meeting Benathy at all, it was like he was just that same Ryan from the beginning to the end. I felt a little bit boring becuz of that, I was expecting something more from him, something special About Benathy, I don't have much things to talk about her. She was a brave woman. She lived and loved with everything she had, and that was great. I can tell I like her, that's all.

Anyway, if you're a desperately romantic person, who is looking for something absolutely romantic to read, this book is for you. Reallity is not always beautiful in the way we want, so I think it's ok to live a while in a world where everything is pink and everyone have a kind heart. Engjoy the book! Aug 14, Shana rated it it was amazing.

This was the first book I've read by Catherine Anderson and I adored every minute of it. Anderson's ability to create such memorable characters that pull on your heart strings is absolutely addicting and yes, I don't mind the bits here and there filled with silly sappy stuff. IMHO, ya' gotta love the romance genre to really appreciate her novels I've never read a romance novel where one of the leading characters was handicapped and I found her Bethany journey fa This was the first book I've read by Catherine Anderson and I adored every minute of it.

I've never read a romance novel where one of the leading characters was handicapped and I found her Bethany journey fascinating, heartbreaking, and eye-opening. I love what Anderson did with her leading man, Ryan. Some may call the story predictable, but to me, there were plenty of tender and original moments to keep spontaneity at the forefront.

And oh my Lord, did Ryan keep things spontaneous while remaining focused on his ultimate goal - yowzers! My only complaint is just a few bits from the final chapters - Bethany, Ryan, and Ann seemed to do something completely out of character for each of them and it actually weakened the overall storyline for me and left me asking: Ok all that said, loved the ultimate ending, and still totally loved the entire story as a whole like the crazy romantic chic that I am.

Jul 21, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Phantom Waltz was such an amazing book! You got to love the Kendrick brothers! When Ryan first laid eyes on Bethany he knew he would marry her.

At first she was hesitant to love Ryan knowing that she would be a burden to him. How could she ever satisfy him sexually? Ryan has a reputation for woman falling at his feet and could have anyone woman Phantom Waltz was such an amazing book! Ryan has a reputation for woman falling at his feet and could have anyone woman he wanted. For the first time in Ryan's life he met a girl who was perfect for him.

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