Abdelwahed Omri. Professeur de W Khiari, A Karaa, A Omri L Charfeddine, R Riahi, A Omri S Sayari, A Omri, A Finet N Loukil, MB Zayani, A Omri. Abdelwahed Omri Mohamed Ali Omri · Mohamed PDF download for The Determinants of Lending Relationships in the Tunisian Context, Article Information. Quality: The Case of The Tunisian Firms. nesrine klai; abdelwahed omri Full Text: PDF; DOI/ibr.v4n1p This work is licensed under a Creative.

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    Abdelwahed Omri. Abstract. This paper investigates the return-liquidity relationship on one Middle East and North Africa frontier market, the Tunisian Stock. Assistant professor, Institute of Higher Business Studies, University of. Sousse, Tunisia. Abdelwahed Omri. Professor of Finance, Tunis Higher. Abdelwahed Omri. Institut Supérieur de Gestion de Tunis, University of Tunis. Abstract. The proliferation of accounting scandals has prompted the need to.

    Keywords: Private benefits of control block ownership corporate governance agency theory rent protection theory ABSTRACT This research provides evidence on whether the block ownership breeds private benefits of control or that is the latter that incites the controlling holder to increase its stock ownership. Drawing on a French sample of listed firms, during the period , our modeling highlights a simultaneous relationship between block ownership and private benefits. Two proxies of private benefits are used: the excess managerial compensation and the amount of related-party transactions. This study provides empirical support for the rent-protection perspective in addition to the agency theory to prove the opportunistic decisions of the controlling party, either the manager or the block shareholder. It also offers insights to policy makers interested in enhancing the legitimacy of corporate governance. It is worth considering the specificities of the ownership structure and the aims of the controlling party so as to enact the suitable laws to protect the investors and enhance the investment.


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