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    Kezia Noble - Text and Phone Game - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Kezia Noble - Text and Phone Game. So thanks again for downloading The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game. I hope it helps you to achieve the success that you are looking for, with the. The Text and Phone Game by Kezia Noble shows you the exact sequence of text Her Text and Phone Game is a guide on how to contact women after you've . The Dating Playbook For Men: Summary & Review in PDF.

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    The Text And Phone Game Pdf

    5 points to hit when talking to her on the phone .. How men succeed in the texting game . Text messaging is where qualifying and the “game” come into. Since the name of this report is Text Game Mastery, you probably already know that I'll go one step further – you don't even need to have them get your phone . seminars and workshops including The Ultimate Texting and Online Game award for Best Phone and Text Game in the World twice, as well as World's Best .

    However, she adds, 7 out of 10 times women give heir number to men whom they are actually not attracted to yet, so the way you will contact her will make a major difference in many instances. The author says not go give her too much value until she has earned it. So your texts have to make an impact and force a positive response all the while demonstrating that you have high value and that your time is precious and limited. Kezia Noble also says that phone calls are better than texts and your objective should be to get her speaking on the phone. Ping Text Kezia says that ping texts are meant to get her attention and break pattern. Situational Observation Text Kezia believes these are the best as they allow her to take a quick glimpse in your great life… Without you inviting them to join in. As soon as she replies, call her almost right away. The Question Text A bit like a ping text, but they make more of an immediate sense than ping texts. For example: I thought about what you said last time… Are you a Sagittarius? Calls Kezia recommends never to call on Saturday night and better avoiding Thursdays and Fridays as well. Monday to Friday during working hours are also to be avoided -and if she has a night job not after 6pm-. So the author says the best times are often between 9pm and 11pm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening. The author says you should end the conversation at a high point and then schedule a meet. You can potentially lead her to ask you by telling her about a bar you visited recently. A nice trick, the author say, is to make a strong negative comment about the place, so that she will ask you what places you like.

    Instead, paint a picture that the event that you are inviting her to is casual, fun, and not a big deal. This time bridge will only work if she is really into you, or sees you as a target for free stuff, as it asks for a huge time commitment on her part not to mention that it can seem like you are trying too hard, particularly for someone she just met. As in the above example, after you exchange numbers, always change the subject and continue the conversation.

    You are not a Navy Seal team and the phone number is not a hostage that you are trying to extract. If you leave immediately after you exchange numbers, it cheapens the encounter and may make her feel like you had an agenda i.

    If you were truly enjoying the encounter, then the number would just be a natural part of the process not just an end result and you would likely continue your conversation past the exchange of phone numbers.

    Also, remember that the further along that you are in the Emotional Progression Model, the more solid the phone number is going to be. If, on the other hand, the girl seems attracted but you are not sure that she would be willing to set specific plans, then keep the plans loose and non-specific.

    It makes the meeting seem more unique and real to her. Telling her that you have never met a woman like her or that you never meet anyone in general , will set off red flags in her mind. Solidifying the connection should be extremely subtle. It simply means that she has piqued your interest because she is different and you want to get to know her.

    Ideally, her friends should be excited that she met you and that you both may meet up some time in future. Having her friends pushing her to go on a date with you will greatly increase your chances of meeting up with her for a second time. You can learn more about how to win peer group approval in Chapter 9 of. Here is an excerpt: I pro-actively find ways to bring value to her friends through such things as; making them laugh, talking about their areas of interest and expertise, or implying that I will introduce them to people they would like to meet.

    You can nearly always bond with men over sports, cars, or certain television shows or movies. You can bond with most women over popular culture, fashion, celebrity gossip, or by using a toned-down version of the techniques from earlier chapters of this book. By changing the context of a situation or conversation, you change its meaning.

    You can set frames as you get her phone number so that she acts in a certain way when you next text or call her. Consequently, when you do call, she will want to be congruent with the frame that you set for her.

    Why do you do this? After she has said that, it is much harder for her to be flaky. Make Sure that She has Your Phone Number You may have also noticed in the example of the conversation with Sara, I programmed my number into her phone and vice versa. Having my name and number programmed into her phone is very important. This strategy will simply annoy her if she has only had a drink or two. See Chapter 2 for a detailed explanation of Callback Humor.

    Once she reads your text, she will usually laugh and text you something back. This can go on all night without either of you actually acknowledging it verbally. This is much more powerful than waiting two days and hoping she remembers you. The more attraction and physical escalation you have at the time, the more risk you can take with these texts.

    The less attraction you have, the more you should focus on keeping them light and fun. Use this as an opportunity to compliment her, tease her, or both. I personally like to mismatch it with what we are actually talking about.

    If we are talking about something more serious, I will text her something light and teasing to give her a different emotion.

    If she is allowing heavy physical escalation, I will use it as a light statement of intent. Once she gives you her phone number, make sure that your phone number is in her phone, change the topic, and continue the conversation. Learn to expect and accept flakes as a part of the dating process. However, flakes are Phone Game is just like any new and will remain an unavoidable part of dating.

    If you want to get good at Text and Phone Game, then adopt the mindset where calling and texting women is just a fun game that you play. Do not attach any of your identity, self esteem, or confidence to the results.

    Instead, be process focused and see it all as practice — the wins and the losses. In this way, Text and Phone Game and dating in general can be related to cold calling in sales. Just as in cold calling, some leads will translate into sales and some will not. Moreover, the knockbacks are part and parcel of the route to success. Callback Humor Callback humor is not meant to be Callback humor is when you reference humorous parts of the interaction from the backbone of a conversation.

    Callback humor is a crucial tool. It allows you to make statements as the spice that adds flavor to a instead of asking questions, show an intelligent and creative side of your per- conversation. It was great meeting you last night at X. Give me a call. But if Laura only vaguely remembers meeting Jason, or did not develop a strong enough connection with him, she is likely to delete this voicemail and move on.

    I just wanted to let you know that your application for Cat Clinician was rejected because our customers would be upset if they knew that you were a vet with no pet.

    During the initial meeting, I playfully teased Katie about being an evil corporate type. Nice meeting you.

    Let me know. This is boring for most women.

    Even if the guy does actually get her phone number, it is unlikely that she will answer or call him back. Why would she want to sit there on the phone and have another boring, thirty minute interview with a guy that she has no emotional connection with? This alone helps solidify the phone number because your attraction phase becomes much stronger. When you call or text her and call her by that nickname, it will often cause her to return to the previous emotional state of when you met her, reminding her of being out and having fun talking to you, as opposed to whatever mundane thing she was actually doing when you called.

    A woman will be more inclined to remember you if you call or text her using Callback Humor from when you first met. Previously, we mentioned how often women give out their phone number. When almost all of the other guys that she meets are saying the exact same boring stuff on their first phone call or text, you can stand out by using Callback Humor.

    Avoid Overusing Callback Humor on the Same Topic Callback humor in its most basic form is simply recalling topics from earlier conversations and repackaging them in a form that makes them emotionally charged or humorous. Most guys make the mistake of being a one trick pony. They find one thing that makes a woman laugh or one thing they have in common, and they desperately cling to that joke or topic until the woman stops responding. There are usually two main reasons why you find yourself desperately clinging to one topic or one thing to joke about: 1.

    Once the guy gets a woman on the phone, he has very limited information to work with. This leaves him with only a couple of options. He can either interview her over the phone, hoping one of his questions strikes an emotional chord, or he can desperately cling to the one or two jokes they shared when they first met.

    The Text and Phone Game by Kezia Noble: Review - The Power Moves

    If he had spent more time in the initial encounter, he would have an array of topics about her life that he could playfully spin or misinter pret into humor through text or on the phone. In fact, most people do it naturally. However, the major ity of guys have a serious problem recognizing the opportunities of when to use it.

    To achieve a high level of suc cess in Text and Phone Game, you have to start listening, using your creativity, making mental notes about each woman, and paying attention during the initial conversation.

    If you think about just a few of these, you should have more than enough material to develop Callback Humor for an individual woman. A great exercise that you can do after first meeting a woman is to write down everything that you can remember about her.

    Then use the tools in the table on the right to see how you can take each thing from your list and playfully twist it into a role play, joke, exaggeration, or misinterpretation. If you do this exercise with enough women, you will start to see patterns and learn what is effective and what is not. You might need to do this 10 or 20 times before it starts coming to you naturally. First, write out all the things that you remember about her. She is a big Kansas Jayhawks basketball fan.

    She likes bars, but hates clubs. She likes country music. She hates rap and techno. She grew up in a small town. Both of your moms are teachers. Her family took her to church every Sunday. Tell her there is a big difference between playing and handing out towels.

    Old stereotypes about her culture or geography that no longer apply, but did at one time. The goal is not to be mean or to hurt her feelings.

    If she gives a negative response, then you have probably taken things too far too early. And that if she was a boy you would be obligated to break a chair over her back and after a few beers you still just might. FACT: She hates techno. FACT: She is from a small town. Callback Humor Exercise Ok, now it is your turn. Look at the information below and practice misinterpreting this information, while looking for playful ways in which you can turn them into jokes.

    You meet a woman at a party tonight. She is going to NYU for undergrad. She eventually wants to be a fashion designer. She loves the New York Yankees. She is a great singer and loves to go to live operas. Her older brother is a college football player. She does not drink beer. Investment is a vitally important concept in Text and Phone Game. A sign of high investment via text is when she responds quickly or with long and detailed answers.

    She may also hint at meeting up. Remember, it may not be all of these. It could be all, just one, or a few. For example, in the beginning, if she is not sure whether she likes you, you may have such a small level of investment from her that she barely replies to your text messages at all. However, as you build value and increase her investment into the interaction, her texts will warm up and become more frequent and thoughtful.

    The aim is to gradually increase her investment levels through texts to the point where she would not be resistant to answering your phone calls or meeting up.

    At any time during the interaction, there is going to be a limit to the amount of investment she will display.

    The more that you ask for action which is beyond her investment limit, the more uncomfortable you will make her. Interestingly, the more investment that you get from her, the further you extend her investment limit. If, for example, she has a low investment limit and you call her, she may become uncomfortable and just choose not to answer. On the other hand, in the same situation, you sent her a text message to which she replies.

    This increase allows you to ask for slightly more investment in the near future. Ideally, you want to keep extending her investment limit until it reaches a level where you can ask to meet up without causing her discomfort. Situations where a woman would likely be highly invested can include a a cold approach that lasted for over an hour and progressed through to comfort in the Emotional Progression Model, b a cold approach ending in sex, c a cold approach where she saw you as extremely high value very quickly or d a woman in your social circle that is attracted to you.

    Distinguished from warm approach, where you have some connection with the woman you approach. Have a good night. I better see you soon! A woman who has a high level of investment will behave in a radically different way than one who has a low level of investment. A woman who is highly invested in you will typically rationalize any anxiety that she feels around you as either a nervous excitement or b her fault.

    She will interpret this anxiety as an enjoyable and fun feeling. She is focused on the things that you do right, not the things that you do wrong. This allows room for more mistakes on your part and she may even take the initiative to move the interaction along and suggest that you meet up. An example of a scenario leading to a high investment situation is one where you met a woman at 10pm, talked for several hours, moved venues several times, made out, and had deep comfort conversations.

    The Text and Phone Game by Kezia Noble: Summary & Review

    Low Investment Examples: Low investment means that you are not sure whether she likes you or not. Situations where a woman may have low investment can include a a good cold approach that had attraction but did not progress to qualification or comfort, b a cold approach under 20 minutes, c a cold approach where she begrudgingly gave you her number, or d a woman in your social circle that is not attracted to you but gave you her number to avoid awkwardness.

    Lara is therefore likely low investment. She will allow for fewer mistakes on your part and will typically focus on the mistakes. In fact, mistakes will often confirm for her that she should stop talking to you. There may have been some connection but it was limited due to the length of your interaction. You will most likely need to build investment through texting, with the goal of extending her investment limit far enough that she will be comfortable talking to you on the phone. This will lead to good material for Callback Humor.

    Use text messages to build investment. The more investment you get from her, the more likely you are to get her on a date. So the guy calling right away keeps that feeling of breaking the rules and brings a sense of excitement and spontaneity. While if you wait too long logic will take over and she will wonder why the hell did she give her number to that random guy. My note: I can agree with it.

    The Ultimate Guide To Text and Phone Game

    Gamey — Cheesy Some of Kezia text examples and templates are very gamey for my taste and sounded cheesy when I read them. Or check my whole book summary list on seduction and dating.

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    So your texts have to make an impact and force a positive response all the while demonstrating that you have high value and that your time is precious and limited. Kezia Noble also says that phone calls are better than texts and your objective should be to get her speaking on the phone. Ping Text Kezia says that ping texts are meant to get her attention and break pattern. Situational Observation Text Kezia believes these are the best as they allow her to take a quick glimpse in your great life… Without you inviting them to join in.

    As soon as she replies, call her almost right away. The Question Text A bit like a ping text, but they make more of an immediate sense than ping texts. For example: I thought about what you said last time… Are you a Sagittarius?